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NSDC is a human exploring the connection between spectator and creation. NSDC creates contemporary, post-disciplinary and conceptual expression through a use of multi-media techniques and tools reflecting on political, societal and sub-cultural references. From observations of human behaviour, governmental ecosystems, technology and societal acceptance, NSDC creates with the concepts of NOT ART  (in respect to Dadaism’s NON ART), NEW VIRUS and X.
NSDC is not the artist, the spectator is.

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«For FXFXFXFX, I investigated into the visual intelligence of the commercial industry, attempting to merge the symbolic, and stylized design of the fast food industry and the luxury fashion industry. I used AI to mock up design ideas for new logos and visuals by typing key words in Dale-2. For the final visuals, I created logos and designs as hyper-normal collaborations of the brands represented. These visuals attempt to expose an over-saturation and toxic comfort of logo and symbolism in everyday life due to the fashion and fast food industries. A consistent Glitch that has become normal