Manuel Rademacher
walk & talk —

Manue Rademacher (Germany, 1986) was born into a family of musicians. Grown up in Lübeck, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden. He studied Media Management and Musicology. As a student he explored his interest and love for radio – as a listener and producer for Deutschlandfunk (public-broadcasting radio station in Germany).
Music has always been an important companion, Djing is a growing practice. Since 2016 Manuel runs a restaurant / pizzeria in Leipzig. Loging food, drinks and hospitality.

«Before the residency, I was unsure if I would be able to contribute enough, as I am not an artist. Lukas and Pat and especially my walk and talk-partner Katherine immediately relieved me of this concern. In this format, anything can be shared, everything is given importance. And what is art, anyway? Katherine and I quickly found many topics that we could have dug into much deeper. She is an endless source of knowledge and ideas – and one week was far too little time. Thank you!»

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