Guillaume Côté Roux
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Guillaume Côté Roux (Canada, 1982). Born in Montreal, raised in the woods and now living by the sea. He has studied environment and sculpture in Quebec and since then he has devoted most of his time working in art and sculpture. Guillaume currently lives in Nova-Scotia and works as a traditional boat builder, sometimes sailor.


«Sharing. Truly. Sharing intimacy with a stranger as if she were your closest friend, exchanging like you were living and working together. It really felt like the most gracious of privilege, especially the feeling of traveling, although the world was confined. Filipa and I did the residency together respectively in Portugal and Quebec just coming back from abroad and spending that time in the countryside. We rapidly started to exchange on many levels and established a beautiful dialogue while discovering each other creative richness. To me, this residency felt like a breeze of fresh air.»

Guillaume Côte Roux's construction
Guillaume Côte Roux's tool