Dev Harlan
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Dev Harlan (USA) works in sculpture, installation and digital media. He has exhibited in solo and group shows internationally including the Sharjah Art Museum, the Singapore Light Festival and the New Museum’s “Ideas City” Festival. He has completed residencies at the Frank Lloyd Wright School Of Architecture and the School Of Visual Arts. He was a 2020 NYFA Fellowship Finalist in Digital Media Arts and a 2022 Mozaik Future Art Grant recipient.

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Crash / Sites
A collection of thoughts that figures the glitch as a crash, the remnants of an accident. A mark on the previously unmarked. A territory demarcated by a string of unintended consequences. While in Senegal I photographed boulders on the side of the road that became 3D models. There was a broken mobile phone washed up on the beach. The dunes of Mars are glinting with metal bits from a discarded heat shield. A fallen parachute is a white dot amid gray. What would Octavia say? I took a 3D scan of fossiliferous limestone boulders on the side of the road in Morocco. My wife stands on the edge. Bits and pieces of sculptures that didn’t make it and my phone from eight years ago that did. I capture all those things. A photograph of a Nevada solar farm taken from the window of a plane. Big Rock used to be a spirit until careless men showed up in the west with dynamite and hamburgers. All you need is love. I may have been careless when I picked up a block of salt near the Spiral Jetty. We all leave a trace.

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