Mábel Fuentes

Mábel Fuentes (Spain, 1988) holds a bachelor in Fine Arts and a master’s degree in History of Science. She is a member of the National Museum Curators Corps, working at the Spanish Film Archive Conservation and Restoration Center in Madrid, where she retrieves all kinds of audiovisual heritage for this public institution. She is passionate about cultural and natural heritage, antiques, old books, art, history of medicine, museums, and much more. She loves to spend time searching for fascinating, unique, unprecedented objects or images, mainly for the beauty and spell they hold. Mábel is a visual beauty seeker, wondered by both mankind and nature creations, with an unstoppable urge to look, to observe, eager to keep on finding more stimulating, inspirational or wonderful images each time.

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Musei Wormiani
Frontispiece from the Museum Wormianum depicting Ole Worm's cabinet of curiosities.
Life size female anatomical figure ca.1900
The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum.