Teresa B. Caroleo
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Teresa Benedetta Caroleo (Italy, 1988) holds a degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and a Master in Research and Experimentation in Design from the BAU Design College of Barcelona. Currently working as a teacher for drawing and art history, she has collaborated for several years with artisan studios and workshops, interacting alongside the projects in a multidisciplinary way. Her artistic work is mainly focused on research: mixing theoretical experience with experimental practice allows her to deconstruct concepts and forms to, later on, rebuild new realities in the most playful way.

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«I approached this topic through a playful path of questions assuming that the world of wonders is closely related to our knowledge. In my work I use three devices as symbols: a map (built knowledge), a blackboard (receivable knowledge) and a projector (representation of memory and the passage of time). The final result is a video based on actions performed by myself around these three elements and concepts.»