Román Méndez de Hevia
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Román Mendez de Hevia (Spain, 1984) is a multidisciplinary actor with a degree in audiovisual communication and drama. He explores collective creation in the performing arts specializing in physical and self-referential work. He is a member of Tabula Rasa, company with which he performed Ser, his first personal creation that premiered in 2017. He regularly collaborates with the theater companies Viviseccionados and Laconocidaproducciones.

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“While studying about landscape in the history of art I discovered that it was a relatively new concept, appearing as contemplation of nature and reflect of the every era human thinking. During the residency period I was in a vital moment of pause and intense personal analysis. Through the dialogue with my colleagues I made a series of videos inspired by moments of pauses in their lives. I captured their memories through their stories and by looking for body postures suspended in time and space. At the same time, I created a series of digital collages superimposing photos of myself on famous landscape paintings, merging both realities.»


El pausaje de Paula
video still
Caminante en pausa
digital collage
Impresión, yo naciente
digital collage
Yo en el rio Sena
digital collage