Pi McCarthy
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Pi McCarthy (Spain, 1983) is a composer, singer, vocal coach and actress. She graduated in Dramatic Art from ESAD (Valencia) in 2007 and, in Teaching in Music Education in 2012. Graduated from the Department of World Music (Latin and Brazilian Music) at Codarts, Higher Conservatory of Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 2018.
Theater, pedagogy and music are today a braid in her work methodology. She is currently immersed in the creation and composition of her second album «Molecular» that will be released in mid-2022.

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«Walk, breath, stop, write, a coffee, my guitar, hours, same groove, same chords, same rhythm on a loop. A book, a tasty food, my laptop, a glass of wine, headphones, one notebook… drop a word… The keys, the screen, arpeggios, synth, chords, new voicing, bubbles, fx, soundscape.
Record my voice; first time, second, third, last layer, 7th of the chord, doubling, pane… left and right… a pedal voice… an octave…»