Paula Nishijima
bonfire —

Paula Nishijima (Brazil, 1987) is a visual artist whose research-based practice unfolds on the crossroads of life science, technology and participatory social practice. Exploring individual and collective motivations, either through happenings, workshops or longer processes of interaction, her production materialises into different media, such as video and photography. Paula received an MA in Arts and Culture from Leiden University (Netherlands) and holds a BA in Visual Arts from the Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (Brazil).

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«I am interested in the trivial yet expanding nature of potatoes. Their flesh tuber has nodes—also called ‘eyes’—from which new shoots and new roots sprout. These eyes, therefore, are the portals for new stories and definitions; their multidimensional body of growth carries the potential for the embodiment of different universes. I like the blue potatoes because they come from the sky, and not from the earth. In the series The anti-genealogy of particles, potatoes are not defined by their own nature as potatoes, but by their potential to ‘becoming-blue’. Their anti-natural colour claims the right to spread the particles that are not the ones we inherited, but the ones we changed.»