Paula Fraile II
bonfire —

Paula Fraile (Spain, 1982) is a painter and muralist currently based in Leipzig (Germany). Always surprised by the power of colour to transform spaces and create new dimensions, Paula’s painting has no limits. Collage and drawing become an intuitive playground from where she finds an essential creative pulsion within her practice. Autobiographical and healing, painting accompanies her and travels towards new landscapes in search of its expansion and spirituality.

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«The idea of transforming guilt and the weight of religion into the search for spirituality through painting has immersed me in a painful and slow process that deals with trauma as the driving force of illness and the cause of many insecurities that I had had until now.
Bonfire has accompanied and helped me with this process culminating in a live online action for my colleagues as a catharsis. A performance in my studio where I created a plastic capsule in order to paint on it and that, simultaneously, became the support of the artwork. An experience that is already changing the course of my work.