Mónica Huang
bonfire —

Mónica Huang (Spain, 1974) graduated in Architecture from Seville University, worked for many years as a freelance architect and in Public Administration, but after specific training, began her artistic practice with textiles.
Her object of study, influenced by her background, is the material itself and its processes, and she usually works on series with a double scale of content matters. She works with natural materials -ink, wool, silks- layering, manipulating them and combining the resulting pieces.

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«My aim in BONFIRE was to play, investigate, mix and test different ways of using the principal techniques and materials I usually work with (felting, ink painting). The result are the following on-going projects: Monochrome Landscape, States of the matter and Crying together.«

Layers creating depths, voids, limits, transparency, shades.
Cubes. Same material, different manipulation. Diverse results in densities, properties, aspects.
We are small particles but together we can weave an invisible but strong matter in which we hope we can rely: humanity