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MIL111, composed by Iria del Bosque (Spain, 1981) and Borja Bernárdez (Spain, 1982), is an artistic project focused on the design of artistic experiences, installations and audiovisual pieces. A team of modern alchemists who use light, space and sound as tools to create fissures in reality in order to propose alternative universes and new points of view about the world. Their motivation is to provoke reflection on the consciousness of being, its existence in the world and the different ways to fill the existential voids of the human being.

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«There are experiences that break temporality in such an intense and at the same time delicate and vaporous way, that they do not allow us to be aware that we are inhabiting them. It is not until time has been reconstructed that, through memory and exploration, we can reshape those memories.
Éxtasis is an immersive installation in which, through sound, light and the necessary darkness, the spectator is transported in the present time to a mystical experience.»