Margaret R. Thompson
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Margaret R. Thompson (USA, 1990) is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Through her work in performance art, video, painting, and sculpture, she reflects on the tradition of ritual as an empowering modality for healing and deepening one’s connection to what it means to be alive. Her art invites us to step into our spirit, embodying things outside of our physical beings. Margaret’s work is aspirational, rejecting basic conventional modes of living for a more utopian existence where beauty, art, nature, wonder and spirit coexist as our highest virtues.

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«SOUL MANSION is a performance piece made to elevate an aspen branch to the social hierarchical level of a human being. The short film positions the human body and soul alongside those of a tree, its bark formations, its movement, its branches, its leaves. I apply my research of Ancient Egyptian funerary practices in the documentation of a contemporary ritual for the preservation of this aspen branch, placing it within an adorned sarcophagus built by myself (referred to as a SOUL MANSION) and then simulating its burial ceremony.»