KH Del Rio Smith
walk & talk —

KH Del Rio Smith (UK) is a London-based multidisciplinary artist with a focus in theatre, music and design. They hold a master’s in performance making from Goldsmiths (UoL). Their socially engaged work, rooted in autobiographical archival material, explores themes like, violence against women, marginalised identities and disability. Focused on creating art that sparks honest discussions, they prefer experiential, immersive work. KH aims to disrupt spectator passivity, submerging audiences in thought-provoking experiences that transcend conventional boundaries.

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«Walk & Talk allowed me as an artist to really redefine my practice, giving into the process of sharing and exchanging I feel that I have rediscovered the joy and magic that is creating art. Gordon and I have been able to connect through the exploration of themes that are both relevant and resonant for both of us and in that, create something that feels really exciting. Such a rich experience packed into such little time!»