Katharina Langer
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Katharina Langer (Germany) is a Hamburg-based visual artist, working with collage, painting and printing techniques. Driven by curiosity, questioning and a view to the essentials, Katharina’s work examines the human condition beneath its surface. She sees the beauty in people’s everyday scenes and transforms them into universal figures reflecting the range of the human condition we are part of. Though working mostly figuratively she is playing with how to lose a form and return to it.

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«I am exploring the metaphysical concept of portals as gateways to other realms. It’s about the idea of opening corridors between generations and create a passage for what I call transgenerational migration, which means the passing of experiences and emotions of our ancestors. I like to find forms for athmospere and for the invisible. To find answers for the questions not being asked. Whose story is it that I am telling?».