Isabel Veganzones
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Isabel Veganzones (Spain, 1999) is a multidisciplinary artist, graduated in Fine Arts in the Complutense University of Madrid. After finishing her studies she has carried out artist residencies in Hangar Lisboa (Portugal) and GlogauAIR in Berlin (Germany).
Memory, its traces and the passage of time are the basic concepts of most of Isabel’s projects. Repetition is also a very present element at her work, either through the gesture or the object itself. Moving in an aesthetic that eliminates the accessory, order and repetition build a language that reduces expression to the most significant and important elements.

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«In my reflections, I use different line patterns in pursuit of understanding the course of time, space, as well as the domestic and social relationships in which I find myself immersed. In this project, I employed the straight line as a pattern to capture a sequence of events from birth or origin, to death or end. The concept refers to the experience of the succession of unrepeatable events, as it is the experience of time and the past as points in personal history. A performance in which I walk towards the east in a straight line from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is completed by hammering a nail on my figure.»