Francisca Ribeiro
bonfire —

Francisca Ribeiro (Portugal) is a visual artist working with photography in the conception of digital narratives. The creative process is driven by the invisible and how it can be felt through subtle fields of perception. Simplicity is the recurrent path chosen, exploring shape and color as a research of the frontiers of time and space. She graduated in Biological Engineering, studied Photography in Lisbon and Barcelona and holds an MA in Multimedia Art.

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“There, on a summit more pointed than the finest needle, he who fills all space resides unto himself. On high in the most rarefied air where all freezes into stone, the supreme and immutable crystal alone subsists. Up there, exposed to the full fire of the firmament where all is consumed in flame, subsists the perpetual incandescence. There, at the center of all creation, is he who sees each thing accomplished in its beginning and its end”.

René Daumal, Mount Analogue