Fadi Houmani
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Fadi Houmani (Spain, 1997) is a graphic designer and visual artist, graduated from KASK Antwerp in Graphic Design, now based in Amsterdam.
Mainly working with text, drawings and visual digital experimentations, his main focus is on historical and visual research that allows him to explore fiction, myth and fabulation as a tool to explore reality and its alternatives, searching for hidden layers of meaning. This visual exploration in his work tends to be complex and expressive, referencing and speculating over the object of documentation.

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«Tales of Amber is a capsule of fiction, an exercise on drawing and writing as speculation over one’s sensations and environments, when initial perception of lack of feeling opens its gates to an overflow of such. Seeing beyond (pareidolia), immersed by cultural and historical objects and spices, memory and fake diaries conveyed in one interdisciplinary piece involving text, video, drawings and sound».