Emma Shapiro
bonfire —

Emma Shapiro (USA, 1988) is an American artist and feminist activist living in Spain. Her work explores identity, memory and ephemerality through her use of layered video, projection and repeated encounters with her own image. She seeks to deconstruct and question the meaning of our bodies and memories, how we know them, and what they could be.
Censorship of her work because of its inclusion of nudity inspired her international body-equality project Exposure Therapy and numerous interviews and publications featuring her activism.

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«During the course of my residency with Bonfire, I pushed into a new phase of my practice in which I explored the experience of memory. Using images from my own past, I sought to deconstruct and re-assemble them while they remained whole and sculptural, slipping away just as they became clear. I am interested in the visceral impact memories have on our being, and their changeable existence in our minds.»