Brenda Boyer
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Brenda Boyer (Spain, 1984) is an audiovisual artist working through her personal story and the relation with her beloved ones. She has also been collaborating in sound-projects, performance, post-pornography, video-art and queer-feminist ‘artivism’ practices. Her movie *en lugar de nada (*instead of nothing) has been winner of the Doc Tai and the Cinetecas Madrid’s Audience Award in the category Best Shortfilm 2018.

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«After a three-week internal search into the concept of the tunnel, I realized at one point in the process that all the abstract concepts I was working on were closely related to my experience of the last three years: my grandmother’s slow descent into oblivion caused by Alzheimer’s, and the evidence of her approaching death. These events coincide with a desperate personal descent into the depths of nihilistic experience.»