Ayala Braidman
bonfire —

Ayala Braidman (Israel, 1992) is a creator-designer, currently based in Porto, Portugal. She works in a wide variety of mediums, in the physical and digital realms. Ayala’s inspiration of creation is the desert; passionated by its spiritual and visual aspects. Her practice is most attracted to the worlds of craft natural materials and textures.

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«In the beginning of 2023 I moved to a new country and the strongest feeling that accompanied me as a creator is that I am nobody. Amidst this change, with the notions of instability and self-searching, my work shedding skin of myself dealt with peeling and renewal. During this in-between period, I realized that in order to get to a new place, I need to let go of old things that I carry with me from the previous chapter in my life. The paper clay objects simulate layers of skin that I shed from myself in the process of regeneration. The texture of the pulp reminds me of the dry desert where I came from, and the light that illuminates the paper from the inside reminds me that, just like in a desert that seems dead and still, there is life».