Álvaro Martínez
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Álvaro Martínez Alonso (Spain, 1983), is an interdisciplinar artist that works and lives in Berlin, Germany. Based on his personal experiences and relationships, Álvaro approaches issues of a social and emotional nature, that a wide audience can identify with. He usually works with documentary images focusing on the implicit meaning that can be given to them using visual metaphors, stereotypes and other rhetorical tools.

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«In April 2020, after the lockdown and a general closure of borders, I decided to flee the city without leaving it, to explore different worlds and make fabulous journeys without the need to travel around the world. THE BERLIN ARCHIPELAGO shows a hidden side of Berlin, more than fifty islands at the edge of the city, between rivers and lakes. Sailing between them we discover one hundred inhabitants organized as a republic, children on ferry to school, ruins, luxurious villas with a dark past, heavenly beaches, private parties, outsiders averse to contact, the smell of summer, the feeling of freedom.»