Alizée Armet
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Alizée Armet (France,1991) is a new media artist and creative coder. Her work was born with digital materials and the beginning of Internet, questioning the ontology and the use we make of this medium. Within the line of Neuroart, mixing Art and Science, she focuses on the possibilities of creation among machines and humans.

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«人工水 is presented as a device; a water content acting as a core to irrigate plants. By an automatic dryness or humidity detection system, a machine opens or closes the irrigation valve. On one of the towers, a screen shows the data of a plant. If we get closer, we can discover they are Kokedamas, a traditional Japanese way of planting and a good reflection on our desire to control the ecosystem. The project raises the new action of artists or should I say «hackers». We have to decode the system of calculation in which we find ourselves.»