Alexandra F. Light
walk & talk —

Alexandra F. Light (USA, 1992) is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on choreography. Her work explores ideas of ecology, ritual, psychology, and the female experience. She holds a BS in psychology, magna cum laude, and has danced for Texas Ballet Theater since 2012 where she is a Principal Dancer. Her choreography has been presented in such institutions as the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Katzen Art Center of American University.

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«I could not have predicted the incredible life change I experienced in our walkings and talkings. Joana and I explored alternative realms of existence and what they meant for art; where does one draw the line between this universe and an alternate one? Nature and femininity was the fertile ground we explored these concepts on. I found myself pushed to create new shapes with my body in new costume, new media, and new ideas.»