Alex Kan
bonfire —

Alex Kan (Russia) is a storyboard artist, director, designer and digital nomad currently living in Helsinki, Finland. He is currently working on his own short animated film about endless emigration. He has more than fifteen years of experience in product design and design directing. Changing his profession, Alex took a storyboarding course at Gobelins Paris and several other courses in screenwriting, storyboarding and directing. Alex’s work focuses on story, emotion and the completion of the film.

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«I work on my short animated film about endless emigration and a delayed life. I have a lot to say about this topic, as I have been searching for two and a half years for a home for my family. For my film I make the script, character and background design, storyboarding and compositing. While participating in the BONFIRE residency, I focused on creating backgrounds. I painted them in watercolor and then finalized them digitally».